Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Diamondback Grill

Having nothing unfrozen in the house for dinner, we played a game of Gift Card Roulette and ended up at Diamondback Grill in Buena Vista. We had not been there in a while but since dinner was going to be free, headed out for dinner.

We decided to split a Calamari for an appetizer. The Calamari wass flash fried without a lot of breading, just how I like it. It was cooked without the taste of the frying oil and had a light crispness to it. Pieces were tender and delicious. It is hard for many restaurants to get calamari right and Diamondback did not disappoint. It came with some chunky maranara sauce and we had just enough for the plate. We ate every last bite.

For dinner, we decided to split the Great Smokey Club with the black bean salad as our side. We were very happy with our decision after seeing the size of the sandwich, which they split for us in the kitchen and gave us each a side of the black bean salad so there were not any squabbles over who got more. We traded out the mayo for mustard and the sandwich was delicious! The black bean salad was fresh and delicious, a blend of black beans and corn with a sweet vinegrette.


  1. Well damn. Practically at our backdoor and ya'll didn't even come and meet Sally.

  2. We still have some $ left on the giftcard so we can make a date of it next time!

    (2 days in a row...)